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Creative Writing & Personal Projects

Creative expression has been a core part of my life for as long as I can remember. Beyond my personal passion for language, film, visual arts, and theatre, I've long been fascinated with the psychology of how and why people are affected by certain things in certain ways. 

The majority of my creative energy has always been poured into writing. As a poetry major at Northwestern, I studied the arranging and re-arranging of words at the most intimate level. My personal creative writing blog, started in 2010, helps me live deeper into the good times, heal during the difficult times, and appreciate the beauty of the in-between.

Being immersed in the film industry in NYC allowed me to experience first-hand the unique power of visual storytelling and the magic of creative collaboration. I recently wrote and directed a short film that is currently in post-production, and am working on various other projects that explore the human experience through the interaction of words and images.


Other passions include graphic design, linocut printing, painting, and travel.

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