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Crush, X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

At a wedding with hair curled and waist cinched into a rust-colored dress..., Autofocus

At a bar in my hometown and pointingRejection Letters

For a fangirl on his fifty-third birthday, JMWW


The Fact That You’re Smiling, Medium (Honorable Mention, Medium Writers Challenge) 

My Winter of Harry Styles, P.S. I Love You


I have called you by name, you are mineRoi Fainéant Press

Thank you noteBrave Voices Magazine

Epitaph, Lost Balloon Magazine

Year of the TigerFatal Flaw Literary Magazine

Waiting Room, Cloves Literary

A poem about bananasBullshit Anthology

Chemtrails, Roi Fainéant Press

Museum of Natural History, The Jupiter Review

Expiration, Return, The Birdseed (forthcoming)

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