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Radical Media

Radical Media is a global transmedia company that develops and produces television shows, films, commercials, music videos, brand identities, advertising concepts, digital content, and interactive media.


As part of the Radical team, I played an integral role in the development and production of projects for clients that included American Express, Condé Nast, ESPN, Gap, Google, The Oprah Winfrey Network, PBS, Vanity Fair, and Vogue, demonstrating a detail-oriented work ethic, a penchant for learning, and a passion for creating meaningful content.

Given the unique opportunity to see projects from concept to completion, I accrued experience in a wide range of roles including research and development, casting, script writing, coordinating, field production, archival production, story production, post production, public relations, marketing, and strategy.


Between production projects, I focused significant time conceptualizing and writing pitches, building presentations, and working to maximize user reach and engagement.

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